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In this section you can find online resources for teachers and parents. You can download any of these booklets on to your computer. We are always looking for feedback and new ideas/resources to add to the site. Please contact

Please also contact us on the address above if your organisation would like to become otherwise involved in the website.

PDF CCI-teacher-pack.pdf
 (10.0 Mb download)

This contains a detailed introduction to Crucial Crew Interactive, help for technophobes, a guide for making the most of CCI in the classroom, and lesson support material including a summary of the key learning messages arising from each of the scenarios.

PDF Gangs, Guns And Knives Awareness (2.1 Mb download)
PDF Building Sites Safety (1.9 Mb download)
PDF Electricity Safety (2.5 Mb download)
PDF Air Quality (1.1 Mb download)
PDF Cycling Safety (2.1 Mb download)
PDF Seaside Safety (1.8 Mb download)
PDF School bus (2.0 Mb download)
PDF Bedroom fire (1.1 Mb download)
PDF Gas leak (1.3 Mb download)
PDF Railway dangers (1.6 Mb download)
PDF Road accident (1.5 Mb download)
PDF Drink & drugs  (0.8 Mb download)

The logic trees are structural diagrams for each of the interactive scenarios, identifying each of the options which are presented and the consequences of each choice. They are a useful resource for teachers in mapping out each part of the game, and help ensure nothing is missed as the scenario is navigated.

PDF Booklet.pdf
 (1.5 Mb download)

This contains following games, quizzes and safety information.

Acrobat Reader
Adobe® Acrobat Reader is required to view these resources - you may download it from the Adobe website.

Alcohol Advice
Here you can download a resource from the York Alcohol Advice Service. This is aimed at showing children the damaging effects abuse of alcohol can have on the body. Click here to download.

Visit their website:

The Alternative Trip
This is an information website aimed to raise awareness of the effects of drugs and their damaging consequences.

Visit their website: (also developed by Crucial Interactive Media)

Hundreds of useful links relating to safety, educational resources, citizenship and PSHE.



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