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mobile phone game

You can now play the electricity safety game on your phone - read on to find out how. We hope mobile versions of our other games will soon be available in this format too.

You can download the game directly to your phone if your phone has a web browser and internet connection. After downloading you'll need to locate and run the installer file.

Alternately you may find it easier to download the game to your Mac or PC, and then to transfer it to your phone via bluetooth or a cable. Here are detailed instructions for the PC / bluetooth option:

Please make sure your mobile phone is compatible with the game before downloading it!

mobile game crucialcrew-elec.sis (1.4 Mb download)

mobile game usermanual.pdf (3.3 Mb download)


1. Click on the download link on this page. Save the installer file to your desktop, or to somewhere you can easily find.

2. On your phone ensure Bluetooth is switched on and the phone is 'discoverable' - ie visibility = show to all. if you are doing this for the first time you might like to give your phone a name (eg Tom's Nokia N96) Usually this will be under Menu - Connectivity - Bluetooth but check your phone's instruction booklet if you can't work out how to do this.

mobile game3. On your computer open Bluetooth and switch it on if necessary.

4. Locate and select the installer file which you downloaded 'crucialcrew-elec.sis'

5. Browse list of Bluetooth devices which the computer can see. Select the phone you want to use.

6. The phone may then prompt you to choose to accept the incoming file. Select yes or OK.

7. The installer file will arrive as a text message. Open and run the installer.

8. Depending on how your phone is set up, the game may appear in a folder called My Own - ie Menu - Apps - My Own You might like to move it to somewhere else, such as the Games folder. To do this select the game, click on Options, scroll to 'move to folder' and select the new location.

9. Play the game - have fun, but take care!

Limitations - which types of phones are compatible?
All Nokia S60 3rd edition phones with Flash Lite 2.x preinstalled are compatible.

* 5320 XpressMusic
* 6210 mobile gameNavigator
* 6220 classic
* 6650
* N78
* N79
* N85
* N96
* N96-3 NAM
* 5700
* 6110 Navigator
* 6120 classic
* 6121 classic
* 6124 classic
* 6290
* E51
* E66
* E90
* N76
* N81




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