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What primary school teachers have to say about CCI ...

The following independent evaluation of Crucial Crew Interactive was collated by NEDL Electricity Distribution:

Nields JJ and N School in Huddersfield:

"The children thoroughly enjoyed using it, especially when they realised that there were options and more than one senario." She also said; "I enjoyed it especially the rather black humour."

Grove Road C P School in Harrogate:

"Most of the children enjoyed using it because it allowed them to choose, and good and bad choices are stressed in our school."
He also said; "The messages were very clear. The dangers were remembered by the children."

Prince Edward Primary School in Sheffield:

"The children really enjoyed the resource, they liked the cartoon pictures and the fact that it was interactive and they had to make decisions."
"Yes it was very successful - the children were initially unaware of the dangers."

Barley Mow Primary School in County Durham:

"Good resource - particularly the logic trees in the teachers pack."

Marine Park First school in Tyne and Wear:

"It was a fantastic free resource that has been added to our PSHE resource list. Interactive CDs are enjoyed by the children."

Cross flatts Park Primary School in Beeston:

"Excellent, clear and interesting. Very motivated, liked the phones and being able to make choices with impact on situation. This is the best computer resource we have seen, you've sent it out at the most pertinent time of the year. Excellent"

Glusburn C P School in Glusburn:

"It gave a clear and simple message - great to use as a whole class discussion making excercise as well as an individual or paired activity - lots of opportunity for discussion. Good to know interactive element is also online - giving greater access to children and parents.
“The children found it easy to use with very little direction from me."

Birkenshaw Middle School in Cleckheaton:

"Very good resource, the children thought it was fun and enjoyed it. An educational experience of household dangers and other things based in that area. An excellent product."

Pupils at Thornhill Primary in Rotherham:

"It's fun but educational too" pupil 1
"It's exciting and interesting - we learn more" pupil 2
"We are queueing up to use it" pupil 3

Saint Lukes CE primary School in Skipton, North Yorkshire:

"I thought it was very good at putting across consequences as well as the right answers."

Laughton Junior and Infant School in Rotherham:

The children thought it was very attractive - good graphics, video and clear text and sound. Enjoyed the interactive approach and putting the wrong answers in to see effects - but knew the correct ones.
Mrs. Ruee added "It was quick and easy to use, attractive, well put together and easy to access other sections. easy to use on PCs or Macs. Clear graphics so several children could work on it together - clear text."

Fens Primary School in Hartlepool:

"The children liked it. They felt they were able to spend more time thinking about the situations and it reinforced the messages taught on the Crucial Crew morning."

Saint Joseph's School in Hartlepool:

"I think the resource was very easy to use, colourful and reinforced the messages given on the Crucial crew experience. The scenarios were very well presented."

Windsor First School in Northumberland:

"The resource was very user friendly both for the whole class as well as individual."

Newsham County First School, Blyth in Northumberland:

"The children thoroughly enjoyed the CD. Listened and responded well to the question prompts and completed the quiz. Excellent resource, well produced."

Acomb Primary School in York:

"It is good to have this kind of material to support PSHCE."

Durham Lane Primary School in Stockton-on-Tees:

"Very positive message across to the children - all agreed 100%"

"Very good. Interactive, imaginative. A very useful teaching aid. Very good organisation - lends itself to formation of workshops or stimulus for more ICT work. No spoon feeding was needed - had to find out for themselves. Pleasant change."




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