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Benefits of the CD version


Interactive Crucial Crew

e-learning section of this website is also available as a standalone e-learning CD-ROM for interactive education in your classroom or on your personal computer.

e-learning CD - Crucial Crew


  Why order the CD version?
Designed for home or Primary School use - especially Key Stage 2
Lesson-ready: teacher packs, lesson plans and quizzes all included
100% control over the pages children can view
No internet connection required
Compatible with all Windows versions from '98 onwards, (98,ME,NT, 2000, XP) and Macs OS9.x onwards
No ShockWave or other plugins required
Licensed for up to 10 computers

Costs £35 for a single CD order (plus p&p and VAT) - substantial discounts available for bulk orders - see our cost calculator.

Please contact for further information or order your interactive Crucial Crew e-learning CD here.



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