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The idea to develop an interactive safety game for children came out of Crucial Crew - a series of workshops held all over the UK for schoolchildren aged 8-11. It may well have a different name in your area, such as Junior Citizen or Citizenship Courses. At these workshops the children are presented with various dangerous or challenging situations - such as a road accident or a gas leak - and they engage in roleplay exercises in how to deal with these situations.



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The Crucial Crew workshops are often followed up in schools, where important safety messages are reinforced. Crucial Crew Interactive is a computer-based version of the real workshops, where children navigate through a game-like environment, where they are presented with a series of choices. If they pick the wrong choice they might be blown up, or locked up - if they get it right they move on to the next stage of the safety game.

Crucial Crew Interactive is above all designed to be a fun way for children to learn life-saving safety messages. The interactive safety game includes health, police, public emergency, electricity, fire, seaside and bus travel safety, and there's also an interactive quiz. In addition to the interactive e-learning game the section Teaching Resources provides resources for teachers and parents. These teaching resources are downloadable and can be printed out and used in class.

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